Beat the Heat Sexy Summer Hairstyles from Kerastase

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Kerastase hair products, and this summer was the release of their VIP styling line. The VIP styling line is perfect for the hairstylists that specialize in up-dos. With the release of their new VIP line they also released the ‘Beat the Heat Sexy Summer Hairstyles’ which break down easy, sexy ways to style your hair on these hot summer days!

The Double PONY: 373772-Double-Pony
1. Separate front section of hair from the back using a part slightly behind the ear. Clip away the front section.

2. Pull the back section section up into a tight clean ponytail, misting VIP as you go. Use an elastic to secure.

3. Release the front section and spray VIP from roots through lengths for texture and volume.

4. Separate the top from the sides and gently rouche crown section to add height and texture.

5. Gently gather the top and sides together and add the the existing ponytail and secure with another elastic.

6. Use VIP in the length of the ponytail to expand. Finish with Laque Noire.


10507018_658889394201956_1682881955391754673_oThe Twisted HALO
1. On dry hair, mist Spray a Porter throughout hair to add texture. Separate the top from the bottom.

2. Gather the top section in a very loose ponytail and secure with elastic at nape of neck. Elastic should be 2 inches from head.

3. Create a “hole” above the elastic with two fingers. Divide loose ponytail in 2 sections, turn them up and pull tails of ponytail through the “hole”. Repeat until you have reached desired amount of twist.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for bottom section.

5. Gather the remaining lengths of hair and use elastic to secure. Lift and tuck the ends into the base of the ponytail, using a few bobby pins to secure into place. Finish with Laque Noire.


Knotted and NICE10557417_10152573167001675_284557518035909405_n
1. On dry hair, apply mousse bouffante to the hair to add fullness and structure to your look. Separate into four quadrants: top, bottom, right and left. Clip away bottom sections.

2. Starting with top 2 sections, pass one section over the other in a loop and “tie” as if tying a knot and cinch towards the head. Continue this until you only have a couple inches of length left.

3. Pin against the head with bobby pins to secure.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 on bottom section

5. Tuck remaining lengths up and under the bottom and secure with bobby pins. Finish with Laque Noire.

Products Used:
VIP  |  Laque Noire  |  Spray a Porter  |  Mousse Bouffant
(VIP & Laque Noire are available in-salon only!)

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