Bridal Hairstyle Trends from Earthy to Dramatic | The Dramatic Girl

2-Before_Danielle_Dramatic_Girl_Bella_Nella_BrideThe Dramatic Girl is the fourth of the bridal hairstyle trends I want to talk to you about for 2015/16.  (If you missed our other bridal trends blogs click here.) The Dramatic Girl’s characteristic demands attention. She is not afraid of layering textures and always craves more. She is seductive.

For the Dramatic Girl hairstyle I created an extravagant up-do by lacing layers of twisted hair together in the back. In the front I kept it sleek and volumized. I then, accessorized the hairstyle with a unique shaped hair piece by Dvnchi Design.

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3-After_Danielle_Dramatic_Girl_Bella_Nella_Bride 4-Danielle_Dramatic_Girl_Bella_Nella_Bride 6-Danielle_Dramatic_Girl_Bella_Nella_Bride

Stay tuned for our next bridal hairstyle trends blog! To learn how to create bridal and special occasion hairstyles step-by-step click here. 

Photos by: Lucie Aleks

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