How to Create a Glamorous Intricate Updo

glamorous intricate updo

Glamorous Intricate Updo Tutorial

In my latest ‘how to’ video I take you behind the scenes at our salon while I am creating a beautiful dry wave swirled intricate updo for Celine.

The products I am using in the video are:

1 Pack of WAVY Hair Extensions | I used the wavy extensions to build this hairstyle.

Laque Couture Hairspray from Kerastase | This is a flexible hairspray that allows me to build the hairstyle. 

Super Solano Blow-dryer | I use the blow dryer to lock the hairstyle into place and give the hairstyle a clean finish.

Enjoy my romantic mermaid braid tutorial!  If you have any questions on how to create the style or on the preparation of the hairstyle leave a comment below!

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glamorous intricate updo glamorous intricate updo glamorous intricate updo


If you have any questions on how to create this glamorous intricate updo leave a comment below!

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