How To Create a Glamorous Looped Chignon

looped chignon

Looped Chignon Tutorial

In my latest ‘how to’ video I take you behind the scenes at our salon while I am creating a a glamorous looped chignon on my beautiful bride. In this tutorial video, my bride has ultra fine hair. When creating any kind of updo on someone with ultra fine hair it is extremely important to properly tease/ back comb and hairspray throughout building the hairstyle. Otherwise, all of your hard work will fall out in a couple hours. 

The products I am using in the video are:

1 Sponge | I use the first sponge to create the base of the chignon. I both sew and use bobby pins while attaching the sponge for extra hold. 

Laque Couture Hairspray from Kerastase | This is a light, flexible hairspray that is fused with a Vita Ciment Complex. It allows me build the hairstyle without damaging the hair.

T3 Featherweight Blow-Dryer | I use the blow dryer to lock the hairstyle into place and give the hairstyle a clean finish.

Enjoy the looped chignon tutorial! If you have any questions on how to create this glamorous hairstyle please leave a comment below.

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IMG_0541 IMG_0555 looped chignon

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