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Today is the wedding consultation day. The bride checks in and you can feel how stressed she is feeling. If you check the diagram below, you can see some of the reasons for her stress. Before the bride comes in to our Salon for her hair and makeup on the day of her wedding, she has gone through all the steps in the diagram below. In each step she is looking for a someone who she can trust her appearance with on wedding day. According to the interviews that we recently did, the brides are looking for trust, customer service and comfort.

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Your goal for performing a bridal consultation is to discover her character, her likes and dislikes, and identify the current Street Fashion styles and trends that will enhance her beauty. In order for you to get the most out of a consultation, the client must trust you enough to allow you to examine her and give her advice, which means that she needs to feel comfortable with you. As a stylist, having your client trust you is a key factor in your success. If she trusts and likes you, she will allow you to be creative and do your best work possible. If she doesn’t like you, she will not trust you, and that’s where most communication breakdowns occur between a stylist and client. Therefore, you must follow a consultation system to reinforce her trust and make sure you have all the information you need to do your best work. Throughout your consultation, keep your attention on your client and your work so you don’t lose your focus with external disturbances. I train my entire team and staff to adhere to these three mantras, and I want to share them with you too. When you are working with brides:

Be caring like a caring nurse.

Be loving like a loving mother.

Be artistic like a couture artist.


To properly prepare your bride for a successful consultation, tell her to arrive to her consultation with the following:

 -Clean blow-dried hair (This makes it easy to do a quick demo hairstyle)

-Wear a tube top (You need open the client’s shoulders to envision the wedding dress)

-Wear daily makeup (Makeup says a lot about your brides personality and at the same time it will make the consultation easier because you can really see the full demo hairstyle)

-Bring the headpiece, veil, & jewelry (Without the headpiece you can’t do a consultation, unless this is a consultation before the trial.)

-Bring a picture of her in her wedding gown. (The wedding gown is crucial as there are some hairstyles that won’t necessarily match well with certain wedding gowns.)

-If she owns hair extensions, make sure to have it available during the consultation. (This shows if she is open to hair extensions or not and if you will need to have her buy them or not)

As soon as a bride arrives at my salon I have my bridal coordinator give her the following consultation form to fill out. The consultation form is very detailed so you can properly build your brides need assessment off  of it.


Study her answers

 Once your client is finished filling out her bridal consultation form, review her answers, then go over the main details with her to create trust and rapport. Use the pictures that the client brought, along with samples from magazines, and focus on her likes and dislikes. If she likes a style from a magazine, ask the client what she likes about the style (specific points).

“If you could change anything about that hairstyle, what would it be?”

Analyze the Client’s Five Pillars

Now, get her permission to analyze her Five Pillars. You will spend about 5-10 minutes thoroughly analyzing the client’s features to discover her beauty strengths and her blink-blinks.

Note: To learn how to analyze The Fiver Pillars please read my first book called Bella’s Secret

The Five Pillars


Make Hairstyle Design Recommendations

“What I recommend is…”

Again, use your pictures and magazines and do a quick tiara, veil, and jewelry trial to have a good picture of the whole look. Show the bride the look you recommend. Next, tell her why you chose that hairstyle by explaining:

“The reason I recommend this style is because….”

Repeat some of the likes and dislikes she mentioned. Then compliment your client’s beauty strengths and very gently address the blink-blinks you’ve found without making your client feel bad. Remember, there is no perfection.

Create the Hairstyle

Again, during the design process, keep your focus on your client’s beauty strengths and blink-blinks. In my salon we offer two different kinds of bridal packages. One package is with a consultation before her wedding day. For this type of package we give a quick demo of what the hairstyle will look like on the wedding day. In the other package we offer a full trial before the wedding day. This means you will create the full look on a trial day as a test, and on the wedding day. To see our full bridal menu and what all of our packages entail visit here.


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