To My Fellow Hair Designers

The Five Pillar System to become a Master HairdresserIn my blogs, I would love to share with you my secrets that make my life happy, joyful and successful.

I believe a hairdresser is an actor or actress, and the salon is the stage. To create a finale we must go through five simple acts.

Before any technique is learned, you will have the opportunity to learn how to: find out the client’s likes/dislikes by studying her character; get inspired by fashion and inspiration points; analyze the Five Pillars of head and body; understand the importance of the right products and tools needed to minimize or emphasize hair fabric and head shape to design the perfect look to be camera friendly.

“Once you understand Bella’s Five Acts, I promise that you will have the confidence and love to become the next well known Master Hair Designer.”

The “5 Acts” of the Hair Designer as an Actor

 Act I
Character = Assessing character to find client’s likes & dislikes.

 Act II
Fashion Inspiration = Understanding and translating fashion into inspiration.

 Act III
Five Pillars = Analyzing the Five Pillars to Discover Client’s Beauty Strengths and Blink-Blinks.

 Act IV
Technique = Mastering Bella’s haute art of hairdressing.

 Act V
Finale = Birth of the hair design/ the look.

In addition to learning how to do my art, I have found that if I don’t know how to present my art, there is no way that I can earn enough money for whatever my art is worth; therefore, I continually take business courses, attend seminars, and constantly read business and success related books. Systemizing your business is the most important aspect of your business ethics. I have had the privilege of having Susie Carder, the founder of Salon International, as my business coach, and I have learned a lot during the last 10 years; therefore, I would love to share with you my Bella’s Secret system designed exclusively for hair art, our own set of business ethics that cater to our client’s every need. Remember, who you are as a professional is going to attract the same type clientele and the same type employee; so take responsibility of your professional life and be the change you want to see.

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