Haute Coiffure Française Fall Hair Show

The Haute Coiffure Française released their latest collection Fall Collection in Paris. Describing the collection as ‘breathtaking’ would be an understatement. The hairstyles are like beautiful art traipsing down the runway creating a captivating story for the hairstylists.

“Hairdressers from the Haute Coiffure Française creative team frequently travel all over the world, exploring cultural trends in each of the countries they visit, it is these new influences that resonate with them and inspire their creativity.

The future is based on past experiences; it is this ‘resonance’ of the past that helps us build the future…” 

To view the entire collection from the Haute Coiffure Française click here. 

Haute Coiffure FrançaiseHautephoto3 (5) photo3 (7) photo3 (8) photo3 (10)photo3 (9)

Which hairstyle was your favorite?

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