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To have a successful bridal department you need to have a business plan. But before you make your business plan it is extremely important to have a vision in mind of what you want your bridal department to be. This vision will help point to the future and focus on three main things:

1. Where the Organization or YOU as a professional WANT to GO

2. What the Organization or YOU as a professional WANT to BECOME

3. What the Organization or YOU as a professional WANT to ACCOMPLISH

Your  business plan will need to provide you with your Vision, your Mission, and your Core Values.  Once you have all of these established you will want to find employees who share your company Vision, Mission, and Core Values.  

For Example, Our Company’s Vision is:

Bella Nella Bride provides a passionate team of world-class experts committed to making you look and feel beautiful.

For example, our company Mission is:

We at Bella Nella Bride are in the business of delivering beauty. We take pride in improving every customer’s experience with each visit. Bella Nella team members are encouraged to be dynamic and to serve customers with a strong sense of purpose and esteem, utilizing the capacity to think clearly and logically.  The superior quality of our work remains the foundation of our organization. For that reason, we always listen to our customers and staff so that we may continually improve the quality of our service. We believe our competitive advantage lies in our unique ability to exceed customers’ expectations by providing superior value. We strive to accomplish our company goals under the highest standards of business ethics, all while giving back to the community that has so generously been our support for almost two decades.

For example, our company’s values are:

As a company, we stand by and utilize our five core values in our everyday business.

1. Honesty– Telling the truth no matter the circumstance

2. Passion– A love for what you do

3. Integrity– Honoring your word

4. Communication– Communicating any upsets in a timely fashion

5. Teamwork– Lending a hand to your co-workers

Now, is the time to create a bridal menu/page  on your website letting your clients know that you now have a bridal department and what that bridal department offers.  To see what this looks like you can view our website.  Since we are a salon and day spa exclusively for brides and special occasions we do not just have one section for everything we offer a full site dedicated to them. The most important pages for the bride specifically is:

 The portfolio -A picture gallery to view your work 

The Service Description – A detailed page on what you offer 

The Bridal Menu- A price breakdown for every service you offer 

For you, starting out and building the bridal section you can consolidate these three pages into one and as your bridal department grows you can grow those pages as well.

The service description and bridal menu will be the easiest pages to build. The portfolio, will be a bit more difficult as it is the most important page.  If you do not already have a body of work to showcase your potential clients you will want to plan a bridal photo shoot. To do this you will can barter with a photographer and bridal gown boutique in your area and find a model that is looking to build their portfolio in exchange for the professional photos from the photographer (Craigslist works well for this.) Then hold the photo shoot in your salon or at a location of your choice. These photos will be the beginning of your portfolio section.

 In my future blogs I will guide you through more on how to build your bridal department. We will discuss everything from bridal coordinators to your bridal hair and makeup artists. In the mean time if you are looking to get this started right now, we have our Step-by-step haute hairdressing book available online as a paperback and E-book. This book will not only give you all the building blocks for starting your bridal department but it will also teach you 9 of the hottest bridal hairstyles. You can grab your copy here: 


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