Seasonal Hair Loss… It’s a Problem.

All-you-need-to-know-about-women-hair-lossI always get a lot of concerns about hair loss. Why does it happen? How can I fix it? Etcetera. So because fall is here and this might be something you guys will experience I want to take some time to talk about these issues and how to resolve them. First, let me say, for most of the time hair loss is in fact seasonal. Before the loss of hair begins you will feel your scalp become oilier, dryer or irritable. Usually the normal hair cycle will take place during the spring and fall. Each strand of hair has a 7 year lifetime. The spring and fall is when that 7 year cycle finishes causing the old hair to shed while the new hair grows. You can see this hair cycle in the diagram below.

Normal Hair Cycle

Other types of Hair loss: If the hair and the scalp become weakened, the scalp’s critical micro-circulation can be disrupted leading to insufficient nutrition to the hair bulb, which is like a small factory that produces the hair fiber. This life source is surrounded by a supple sheath of collagen and is connected to micro-vessels that deliver nutrients necessary for the growth of course, dense and shiny hair. Hair loss usually depends to the excess production of oil and is normal during spring and fall. It can also be caused by:

• Heritage/genes: Usually from the mother’s side of family. Examine family history to see if there are signs of hair loss. After age 13, girls begin losing hair. Boys begin losing hair at around 14 to 15 years of age.

• Pregnancy/aging/menopause/hormonal imbalance: After pregnancy or during menopause, because of hormonal change, women most often start loosing their hair.

• Severe sickness: When the body becomes severely sick, toxic buildup, cancer, undergoes radiation or takes strong prescription drugs, hair loss may result.

• Lifestyle: Stress, smoking, excess drinking, improper diet and lack of exercise are known causes of hair loss, but not a lot of people know this. If your client expresses concerns over hair loss, but appears healthy, you may wish to approach lifestyle choices gently to open discussions.

• Environmental aggressors: Seasonal changes, (as we mentioned earlier) using the wrong shampoo or conditioner, blow drying and overall improper hair care are causes of environmental aggressors that can cause hair loss.

Many of these types of hair loss can be avoided by simply changing your lifestyle and taking better care of yourself. Try to eat healthy foods, and make sure you are getting all the necessary vitamins that your body needs. (Consult with your doctor for proper diagnosis.) Meditation and deep breathing is also very important. If it is something you have never tried before, I highly recommend it. Not only does it help clear your mind, but it also helps cut back stress.

sdfgdfg If these changes are still leaving you with hair loss, don’t worry, now a-days there are also a lot of terrific products out there specifically made to help with hair loss. My favorite brand is Kerastase Paris. The shampoo and scalp activator treatments work the best for hair loss, this would be your Bain Stimuliste shampoo and your Densitive GL Spray.  If your hair loss is more advanced I would also suggest you try the Intensive Scalp Treatment. (They are all available HERE.) If you are close to us, you can stop by and let us prescribe the right treatment for your scalp and hair.

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