The Importance of a Clarifying Shampoo

Just about all hairstylists can agree that the most common cause of dull hair color and dry hair comes from your shower water. Tap water these days contains high amounts of calcium deposits and other minerals. Depending on where you live the water can range from soft to extremely hard. 


Washing your hair with a Clarifying shampoo once a week is any easy way to remove any unwanted deposits from your hair. Not only will a clarifying shampoo help keep your hair color vibrant but it will also help your hairs ability to absorb your conditioning treatments more readily.

My favorite clarifying shampoo is Kerastase’s Metamorph’Oil. You apply a small amount to your hand and add a bit of water until it gets milky. Then rub it into your hair all over. The shampoo will start to harden and crystallize. The crystallization is all the deposits in your hair being cleaned. Once it has crystallized you may rinse it out. Continue with your regular shower routine after the clarifying shampoo.


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